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September 29, 2021

Stop Struggling to Find Lasting Entry-Level Regulatory Affairs Associates with Industry Experience. We’ve Got You Covered.

Entry-level Regulatory Affairs professionals that have deep industry knowledge and soft skills that complement your team can be difficult to find. As longtime pharmaceutical industry professionals, we’ve seen this issue time after time. Through the recent acquisition by Network Partners,...

What’s in an Effective Quality Management Plan?

In the pharmaceutical industry, quality management preserves the integrity of products and minimizes the risk of impurities, contamination, improper handling, and recalls. These processes and policies guide a pharma company’s approach to managing production. A quality management plan (QMP) formalizes...

September 16, 2021

FlexTalk Friday: Top Pharmaceutical Packaging Regulations To Be Aware Of

What are some of the pharmaceutical packaging regulations that focus packaging engineers' time and energy to ensure compliance? Pharmaceutical packaging is a highly diverse discipline based on the design and regulatory requirements of the range of drug therapies and related...