A Change of Scenery

February 20, 2015 by Rose Cook


As I write this, it’s been snowing most of the day and the temperature this past week has been in the single digits. I can only imagine what it’s been like in New England where they’re measuring the snow in feet, not inches. We’ve seen it all this winter – snow, sleet, ice and rain. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have had enough and I’m guessing it’s why vacation bookings to warmer climates are up. I was fortunate enough to be able to head to Florida with the family for a little escape and a much needed change of scenery. It’s amazing what a little break away from the daily grind can do to recharge your batteries.

While Lynn and I spent the time away enjoying the warmer weather and time with our families, we also made it into a bit of a working vacation. It somehow didn’t even feel like work to get up early and get a few things done. Maybe it had something to do with our view of the beach and ocean while we were on our laptops. Maybe it was the fresh sea air and sunshine, but whatever it was, I know we both appreciated the chance to get away from the cold and snow!

As we spent time working and playing away from the office it reminded me how important it is to change things up now and then. It’s very easy to get stale and stuck in a rut during the winter months. I thought it was funny how much more productive I felt while I was away, not just with work, but with time with family, working out and even sightseeing. I realized that while we were very fortunate to be able to fly away for a little change of pace, there’s a lot more I can be doing right at home to help beat the winter doldrums.

Professionally, little things like holding a meeting in a different location or meeting for lunch and getting everyone out of the office can help shake the cobwebs off. Personally, I’ve made a list of things I’m going to try and do in the coming weeks to help get through the rest of the winter. Even if I don’t get to do all of them, just writing down some ideas is a great motivator. My list is not terribly exciting – maybe I’ll read a best seller or try a new restaurant, but honestly, sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. This time of year our options are limited, so don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s more about just mixing it up a bit. Maybe I’ll hang some new pictures on the wall of my office to give it a new look. Or read that best seller in the seldom used living room of my house while drinking a cup of tea. All things I’ve never done before! Consider a little overnight get-away or a daytrip to somewhere for some shopping.

A little change of scenery and a little something just for you might be just what the doctor ordered to beat the winter blahs and recharge your batteries. On the bright side, Spring is only 3 weeks away!

I’d love to hear some of the ideas you have to help get through the rest of the winter.

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