A Message From Our CEO To The FlexPro Community

June 26, 2020 by Rose Cook

When Lynn and I started the company over 12 years ago, we locked ourselves in a hotel room for a weekend with the goal of getting our core values written down. “Our Mantra” still guides our actions today. These two statements are especially relevant.


“We treat all people with respect.”


We believe in being kind and respectful to ALL people – short, tall, black, brown, white, gay, straight, old, young. ALL means every single human being. We can start by becoming aware of even our own unconscious biases. Racism is a strong word, but it’s painfully accurate in describing what many of our Black communities continue to experience.


“We believe in making the world a better place.”


Making a place better means changing it from how it is today. We’re regularly having discussions on what kind of actions we can take to make a difference. We’ve built a very diverse team in terms of ethnicity, gender, and age; however, we’re far from done. We can get better, especially with hiring Black Americans to our firm.


Today: “We stand with the Black community against racism and inequality.”


It starts with conversation (even if it’s uncomfortable), educating ourselves, and asking questions. Making a difference comes with true concrete action to combat inequality. Do we have a fully crafted action plan? No. It’s admittedly a work in progress.

I believe our hearts are in the right place, and we will keep working to make things better in areas where we can have an influence.

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