Natural Products Company Become Revenue-Generating

The FlexPro team helped this client accelerate technology transfers by 5% to 25% and take a huge leap forward in its lifecycle.

Results at a Glance:

  • Gained high client satisfaction
  • Established smooth communication and processes
  • Exceeded the goals on a tight timeframe
  • Enabled client to become revenue-generating


FlexPro was approached by a natural personal care products company that markets consumer products including all-natural, cruelty-free hand soap, dish soap, cleaners, and hand creams. This client sought entry into chain stores like Ulta and Meijer as well as the major online retailer They also needed to secure cost-effective manufacturing contracts and raw materials to support their supply chain.


This client required a technology transfer of 35 commercial SKUs to 2 third-party CMOs within a very tight timeframe. The technology transfer was also timebound due to the strict, finite supply agreement terms with the original manufacturer and the client. 

The client company experienced an unexpected delay in packaging components sourced from China. So in order to avoid a stock-out situation, the project management approach required subject matter expertise and experience in technology transfers.

This is where FlexPro’s project manager came in. He handled the major task of developing and driving an integrated project management plan with the key stakeholders and was in charge of defining the project scope, schedule, assumptions, constraints, costs, resources, risks, and key deliverables. He handled all of the following tasks:

  • Provided critical path analysis of the integrated project plan so the team could identify tasks requiring attention in order to accelerate.
  • Protected against scope creep in order to keep the team focused on the execution of the project objectives.
  • Managed assumptions and constraints, such as adapting to off-shore supply chain environment changes and lead times in order to protect against timeline delays.
  • Kept a smooth flow of back-and-forth information sharing. 
  • Monitored and controlled cost overages.


The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of this project. With FlexPro’s expert help, this project exceeded its goals on several fronts. 

In terms of technology transfers, we accelerated one technology transfer by about 25% and completed it two months ahead of schedule in order to free up available manufacturing capacity. The second technology transfer accelerated by about 5% and wrapped up two weeks ahead of schedule.

The project manager ensured that predictable risks had mitigation strategies in place. Unforeseen risks were urgently communicated to the team so they could continue to work productively. Having a senior project manager with exactly the right expertise made all the difference. FlexPro’s background and the project manager’s personal skill set dovetailed perfectly with the client’s needs.

This project represented a major turning point in the lifecycle of this natural personal products company. Prior to this project with FlexPro, the client was pre-revenue. The success of this project supported them in becoming a revenue-generating, self-sufficient company and ultimately gaining significant annual revenue.

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