Global Pharma Company Completes Divestiture Transition

FlexPro managed the completion of troubleshooting investigations and finalized all implementation solutions.

Results at a Glance:

  • Cleansed the client’s system to transfer product manufacturing.
  • Defined process details for an external manufacturer.
  • Mapped the pre- and post-divestiture process.
  • Hit an aggressive five-month deadline.



This multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company’s global orthopedics division sells medical devices and manages manufacturing, facilities, and personnel. Two years into a three-year, multi-phase manufacturing divestiture program, the client and its manufacturing partner were concerned about the progress of the transition.

There were indications that the transformation and conveyance of supply chain information and other crucial product information were not fully meeting the operating expectations of the final two-company partnership. Multiple redundant systems were still in use, including within the client supply chain, document management systems, and change control systems. This made conducting investigations and implementing solutions both challenging and time-consuming.


From a project management perspective, the primary challenge was locating and engaging subject matter experts within multiple companies. Since many subject matter experts were now part of the partner’s organization, finding the right resources to complete this work had become unexpectedly difficult.

FlexPro was asked to lead three sub-projects focused on identifying root causes and developing solutions that would be in place prior to launching the program’s final phase. The timeline for completing all fact-finding, corrective action planning, and preventive action implementation activities was just five months. This created pressure on all involved parties to collaborate effectively and resolve systems conflicts as quickly as possible.

FlexPro provided a seasoned project manager who would form and lead three project teams while becoming familiar with the program’s data transfer processes. The PM quickly developed a thorough understanding of the client’s diverse portfolio of supply chain and information management systems.

Since these client systems and processes were unique and quite compartmentalized, FlexPro waited to use the traditional investigatory and problem-solving techniques until after preliminary research was completed. This research focused on determining which systems and data transfer processes would require further study and which could be addressed imminently.

The first meetings held with client-recommended personnel served as a starting point for developing and engaging a broader network of subject matter experts. This expanded network participated in a series of weekly team meetings as well as numerous off-line conversations that evaluated the accuracy of project starting assumptions.

FlexPro shared findings and conclusions with project sponsors and impacted stakeholders on a biweekly basis. The collaboration on this project was mostly virtual with a boss who was about 60% virtual.

In terms of the client’s desired deliverables, FlexPro was challenged to:

  • Define the deliverables and secure stakeholder buy-in for the cleansing of data left behind in the client’s systems after the transfer of product manufacturing to the external manufacturer.
  • Define the overall process and detail the responsibilities of an external manufacturer for implementing new product introductions, product obsolescences, or changes to active products.
  • Conduct a root cause investigation of representative non-conformances, including pre/post-divestiture process mapping.


FlexPro met the challenges the client presented for this divestiture transition and troubleshooting project. FlexPro completed all project requirements within five months as the client requested, delivering pre- and post-divestiture operating process maps to the appropriate stakeholders. 

As a final step, FlexPro made adjustments to the final phase data preparation process and to the program’s final phase implementation plan. At the conclusion of the project, FlexPro documented and shared important lessons-learned with project sponsors and program stakeholders. 

FlexPro met this client’s primary requirement for success, which was the on-time completion of all investigations and the finalization of solutions for the implementation of the divestiture transition. In addition, this successful project opened the door to further relationships with this major client, which will be mutually beneficial in the future.

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