Don’t Fall Behind: Keep Control With a Packaging Engineering Apprentice

October 27, 2021 by FlexPro

Solve pharmaceutical packaging engineering issues and maintain strong quality support and control with a Packaging Engineer in the Apprentice Leadership Program.

What happens when a pharmaceutical company encounters a packaging dilemma?

Suddenly a bottle seal is leaking, or there’s a faulty dispenser in an inhalation drug package.

Now what?

In such a heavily regulated environment, a small issue instantly becomes a major problem that must be resolved immediately, and as resources wane, you begin to realize you need another set of hands.

Enter a Packaging Engineering Apprentice, an entry-level industry professional with the skills needed to support your team. Through the recent acquisition by Network Partners, the Apprentice Leadership Program is now available to support the pharmaceutical industry for their packaging needs. Our Apprentices have the industry knowledge to bridge the gap between a traditional entry-level associate and someone with the right working knowledge to support your team.

What Do Packaging Engineering Apprentices Bring to the Table?

When you bring on a packaging engineering apprentice, you gain a wealth of knowledge from one of the best training programs in the field. The Apprentice Leadership Program involves rigorous instruction from some of the life sciences’ top subject matter experts.

Packaging Engineering Apprentices:

  • Have completed 350+ hours of hands-on classroom training
  • Have up to two years of functional real-world experience
  • Focus on leadership and communication skills
  • Display wisdom from cross-functional training that deepens their understanding of the entire profession
  • Offer skills in packaging, labeling, project management, compliance, and technical writing

This means with the help of an Apprentice, any pharmaceutical company can face their packaging challenges with the right level of support. When a new issue arises, an Apprentice can tackle it with focused insight and determination to find a resolution as quickly as possible with additional guidance from the Knowledge Bench™, a team of hands-on subject matter experts that are there to support an Apprentice every step of the way.

Packaging Engineering Apprentice Benefits for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • You get an entry-level engineer who already has extensive industry knowledge.
  • Their productivity is typically double that of a traditional full-time employee.
  • They don’t bring the drawbacks of traditional contractors, like lack of commitment.
  • Helps you allot your project budgets and resources in a smart and flexible way.

Challenges Our Apprentices Are Equipped to Face 

There are many common situations at pharmaceutical companies where a packaging engineering apprentice is an enormous help. Below are several examples of real-world circumstances where packaging apprentices are solving difficult challenges:

Leaking Tablet Bottle Seals

Our Packaging Engineering Apprentices are well-versed to identify and solve issues that come their way. Recently, a CMO had an issue with leaking seals in their tablet bottles. The Packaging Engineering Apprentice was able to identify the issue, develop test parameters to resolve it, then perform tests with new bottles made at the revised parameters to confirm the issue was fully resolved.  The Apprentice deployed their knowledge of USP <1207>—Sterile Product Packaging, Integrity Evaluation to guide their development of appropriate test methods for container closure integrity evaluations.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Standards and Methods

When a packaging problem arises, our Apprentices are knowledgeable to get the job done. A client was experiencing packaging issues, our Apprentices were there to develop testing controls that ensure future packages will meet minimum standards for medicine droplets dispensed through holes. The Apprentice suggested appropriate guidelines for minimum hole sizes and machine calibration methods that will prevent future packaging failures. 

Child Resistant Packaging and Poison Prevention

Packaging Engineering Apprentices are trained on over-the-counter (OTC) drug regulations, like the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA), which requires special performance standards and test methods for child-resistant packaging. The Apprentice can provide support on your project to monitor your packaging under standards like PPPA 16 CFR 1700.15 and 16 CFR 1700.20 to ensure compliance.

These are just a few examples that show the detail-oriented approach Packaging Engineering Apprentices take when assisting pharmaceutical companies with common industry challenges. There are many other examples from similar projects in pharma labeling, clinical evaluations, compliance, medical writing, and more.

What Are You Waiting For? Get the Support You Need Now!

New packaging engineering projects arise constantly and create unnecessary stress for your team. Our Apprentices support your projects, approaching every task with absolute professionalism and attention to detail.

Schedule a 15-minute call with us today to discuss your needs and let’s move those time-consuming packaging engineering projects off your plate and into the finished pile.

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