FlexPro Focus – Tim Palladino

October 12, 2016 by FlexPro

WLBalanceProject managers in the life sciences industry face new challenges in the office on a daily basis.  With each new endeavor comes the need for skillful forecasting, strong communication, and a deep understanding of time management.  And that’s just in the office.

Many working professionals understand that their career is just a small piece of the careful balancing act they face.  Family, further academic advancement, community service, and staying active commonly cram the remaining hours for the same PMs that spend the workday running team meetings.

At the heart of the FlexPro mantra lies a powerful belief in the harmony of work and life. Each month, we’ll be featuring a member of the FlexPro team to share their own story of finding balance.  This week, we highlight Tim Palladino, Senior Project Manager with expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and distribution operations who was able find what he needed in a diverse career while raising a family.

FlexPro_Headshots_300x300_Color_0021_Tom PalladinoI began my career in Big Pharma at an early age gaining experience in many facets of supply chain and project management.  I have always had a love for small business and have an entrepreneurial drive that led me toward a startup opportunity in manufacturing.  Following this experience and moving the business out of state, I found myself seeking out an opportunity in the Philadelphia area.  Through a mutual network connection, I had the good fortune of meeting Rose Cook. 
FlexPro had exactly what I was looking for in my next career step.  Through my 5+ years at FlexPro, I have had the unique opportunity of working on an extremely diverse portfolio of projects.  I’ve expanded my network and value the relationships I’ve built with many new people in large organizations.  My work week is consistently exciting and rewarding.  FlexPro provides me an excellent balance of compensation and time off.  This has been especially important to our family and has enabled us numerous opportunities to spend quality time together. 
The thing I value most is FlexPro’s integrity.  The Leadership and staff are very supportive and enable me to grow as an individual.  I have had a wonderful experience and am able to scratch that entrepreneurial itch from time to time.
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