How Scary Good Is Your Team?

October 10, 2014 by Rose Cook

TeamHalloween is here, how spooky is that? With the multitude of projects I’ve been working on this month, there have been a few times lately I’ve wanted to “make like a ghost” and disappear! Between selling our current home, packing, dealing with all the details of moving into a new home and running a business, it’s hard not to start losing momentum as well as motivation. Thank goodness for good old fashioned teamwork to see me through the rough patches. Whether it’s at home or at work, knowing that I’m not an “island” makes even the biggest challenges seem more manageable.The past few hectic weeks have really brought to light how very important teamwork is. As project managers we often just assume our team is functioning as a well-oiled machine. However, as we get pulled in many different directions, it’s easy to lose focus on the fact that there are many facets that allow a team to function successfully. Everyone has their role and just like building a jigsaw puzzle, all of the pieces have to fit together for the common goal. As project managers we are the leader that the team looks to for guidance and direction and we need to be attentive to the needs of the group. This isn’t always easy, especially when team members may be in remote locations and as not available as the on-site members. The key is really so simple, and we all know the answer…COMMUNICATION!

Communication is critical in all aspects of project management and you must master this essential component to see success in your future. The reality is that if as a leader you can’t effectively communicate project goals and objectives and clearly provide direction to your team, how will they ever perform to your expectations? Not only do they need to know what their individual role is, they need to know how it fits into the bigger picture of the project. Everyone needs to be focused on the same objective and that objective needs to be clearly mapped out. Communication must be concise, consistent and it must flow both ways.
It’s not always easy to keep a team motivated. Projects can often change direction and weeks of work can be undone because the scope has suddenly changed. As frustrating as it can be to have to rework, revise and repeat, I can promise you this: keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process will not only keep the project on track, it will keep everyone’s priorities aligned and on the same page. It’s no trick, the success of the team’s performance determines the outcome of the project. So give yourself a treat and communicate, communicate, communicate!
Teamwork is a “scary” good thing and as a PMs, we can enjoy the challenge of keeping everyone on track and motivating them for success. I’d love to hear about how you keep your team motivated and the various ways you communicate with them. Drop me a line and let me know your secrets to success!
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