How to See the Possibilities in the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 9, 2020 by Rose Cook

I’m not a poet whatsoever, but I must admit I do enjoy alliterations. This month, the “p” sound was top of mind as I was reflecting on all the … pandemic possibilities. As we move into the second half of a memorable (or shall we say forgettable?) 2020, I find my mindset shifting from perplexed and puzzled to optimistic and hopeful about the possibilities. 

A virus that not too many months ago seemed like just a news story happening on the other side of the world has permeated our lives and altered our normal. I know when this started and schools and businesses started closing, I thought, “Ok, we can do this. It’s temporary. It’ll just be a couple of weeks.” Then it became a couple of months, but hey, summer is here and things will get back to normal. Right? Probably not, but I hope we’re heading in the right direction. 

One thing I know is that we’ve all, and I mean all, had to roll with this. From kids finishing the school year online to people working from home for the first time, we’ve rolled with it. I’m so proud of my team for adapting to all of the changes and challenges without missing a beat. As many companies have found out, having their employees working from home and utilizing technology to communicate has had little impact on productivity. In many cases, it’s increased since everyone is always connected. It’s sometimes hard to walk away when all of your work is right there.

I’m really a “glass half full” kind of person and I’m trying to remain positive throughout this trying time. I feel like some good has come out of this as pollution in many areas has improved and community spirit has blossomed. For me, I know that the pandemic has made this painfully clear: precious family time due to forced togetherness has been a blessing. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I’ve been looking for ways to continue to improve and move forward. The three “p’s” I’ve been focusing on include pivot, productivity, and portfolio.

  1. Pivot – We’ve all had to learn to turn on a dime working from home and mastering Teams/Zoom and other video technology. Almost overnight, times have changed and we’re rising to the challenge. Realizing that we’re all more the same than different, I’m choosing partnering and collaboration as a priority over competition. I feel like we can all accomplish more when we work together. 
  2. Productivity – Because we can’t operate in a “business as usual” environment, I’ve seen my team embrace the opportunity to try different approaches to accomplish their goals. We never stop learning and moving forward and have recently even acquired three new PMPs. Building in bench time is a way to keep the momentum going. It allows us to do projects we couldn’t find time for, such as updating LinkedIn profiles, CVs, and resumes.
  3. Portfolio – This one is about picking the right projects to work on, both at work and at home, by prioritizing what’s important. I’m working smarter, not harder.

Perhaps these thoughts will prompt you to ponder your own personal possibilities. I’d love to hear about them! Wishing you a safe and healthy summer, full of possibilities.

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