It is Better to Give…

December 10, 2013 by Rose Cook

Ever feel a little blue or like nothing is going your way? Of course, don’t we all at one time or another? And while it’s ok to wallow in a little self pity for a bit, nothing good can come of it for too long. So how do we break up that pity party? Well, studies have shown that one sure fire way to feel better about yourself is to give something to someone else!

This time of year is special for so many reasons – from spending time with loved ones to eating too much and exercising too little! It’s also an especially popular time for the spirit of giving. It’s gratifying to see how many of us find it in our hearts to go the extra mile during this time to add a toy to the Toys for Tots box at a local store, or a few canned goods to a local food drive. It’s nice to know so many good people out there are trying to make sure those who are less fortunate aren’t forgotten during the holidays. I’m hearing so many stories of random acts of kindness. A friend of mine was behind a woman at a store who asked the cashier to pull up a lay-away account of someone who had yet to pay it off. The cashier chose one that had a balance of $327 and this woman paid it. Wow! A Facebook friend just posted how she called the electric company and asked to pay the electric bill of someone she knew who was past due. In that spirit, FlexPro was proud to be able to offer a donation to a charity of choice for each of our employees. It gave everyone a chance to make a difference to a worthy cause that was important to them personally.

As I thought about the great charities our employees chose to donate to, I also realized that the spirit of giving doesn’t just live with what money can buy. So many people are giving themselves – and that may just be the most priceless gift of all!  With the recent run of snowstorms we’ve had here I saw neighbors helping each other shovel driveways and clean off cars. I saw strangers get out of their cars to help another motorist who slid into a ditch. A friend told me she opened her door and found the 14 year old neighbor shoveling her sidewalk. Had she not caught her in the act she wouldn’t have even known who had done it. The little girl didn’t want money or even recognition, she was doing it “just because”. I’m sure we all know someone who is donating their time to serve meals to the homeless or doing some other selfless act to make the life of someone else a little better. Maybe it’s even you!

These are the stories of giving I love the most. The old expression, “It is better to give than to receive”, rings so true. Giving feels great. Making someone’s life a little brighter, if for even just a moment, feels amazing. So if you want to feel better about yourself, find the spirit of giving within. You won’t be sorry!

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