Kids Back to School… What’s Next for YOU?

August 31, 2010 by Lynn Faughey

I don’t know about you but when the end of August rolls around, I am SO ready for my kids to go back to school.  And they are so ready too!  What I love about September is the opportunity to have time to myself after enjoying a wonderful summer with the kids. It’s a great time to re-group and re-focus.

I saw a Verizon Wireless commercial and it made me really think.  Maybe you’ve seen it.   They show kids heading back to school and end with saying “It’s not back-to-school; it’s forward to what’s next.”  So, now that the kids are heading back to school, what’s next for YOU?

Are you happy with your current job situation?  Are you doing everything you can to achieve harmony between your work and your life?  Instead of just diving right into your work when the kids get back to school, take some time to re-evaluate your life situation and understand if it is working for you.  It’s all too easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of life and lose sight of what’s really important.

If work and life feel out of balance to you, think about whether a flexible work arrangement might help.  Here are some typical “flexible work options” to consider:
1)       Remote work/Telecommuting:   Would working from home even one day per week help you get back on-track?  If you don’t think a regular day each week would work, how about trying it even once every couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference.  Imagine what you could do with an hour or two of your life back every couple of weeks.  Try it in small chunks first.
2)      Reduced hours/Part-time:  Perhaps you should evaluate your financial situation and see if reducing your hours would be feasible.  In this time of tight budgets, your management might welcome the opportunity to pay you less for less hours worked.  Remember if you don’t ask, the answer is automatically a “no.”
3)      Flex-time:  Consider changing your start and stop time at work from the typical 9-5 day.  For example, maybe starting earlier and then leaving earlier would allow you more time to get dinner ready before the kids head off to their evening activities. Would that make your life feel more in control?  Or maybe you could start your day later and feel more balanced if you could see your kids off on the school bus, instead of dropping them off at before-school care?  Challenge the status quo and see if you are able to reap some important benefits for your family’s lifestyle.
Have the courage to try something different.  It’s always easier to take the path of least resistance but does that always get you what you want?  On the advice of Jack Canfield in his well-known “The Success Principles” book… “Take 100% responsibility for your life.”  It’s your life and your future.
So, get moving and get those new backpacks and school supplies!  When the kids are back at school, you can really evaluate what’s next for YOU…
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