Making a Performance Review Work for You

February 3, 2016 by FlexPro

performanceFrom the first moment we set out in the world to develop our social skills, one of the first lessons learned is to not let another’s opinion of you shape the way you live.  The only feelings that matter regarding your personality are your own – a mindset that fosters individuality, creative growth, and independence.

Flash-forward a couple of decades to the workplace performance review where feedback about your presence and ability is all that matters in that moment.  For some, it’s a gateway to greater opportunity with a shot of confidence served on the side.  But others can find it uncomfortable, far too personal, and detrimental to their morale in the days following their evaluation.

The beauty of this exercise is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Receiving and accepting feedback has become a staple of modern employment expectations and is particularly important in the world of consulting.  Though it may sound simple to learn about your victories and deficiencies from the perspective of a superior, incorporating criticism into future performance is a skill that takes sharpening.

As we begin to hit full stride toward personal and professional goals in 2016, constructive comments from others can act as a springboard to success.  This week, we examine the role of feedback and how it can shape your career.

Accepting Your Critique

Simply stated, no one likes to listen to negatives concerning their own performance.  Criticism can be hard to hear and tougher to accept as constructive.  The first step in making your review work for you is realizing that nothing is ever personal.  Remember that the goal of the team, regardless of stratification, is to accomplish objectives together.  Anything mentioned is for the benefit and improvement of both the individual and the group as a whole.  Everyone is on the same side, so remember the big picture.

Record the Highlights

Hear something that you can take to heart or is critical to greater improvement? Make sure to take it down for review at a later date.  While you receive suggestions from another point of view, how you are able to make it work within your routine is something only you can decide.  Creating a reviewable ‘highlight reel’ of major talking points ensures you can maximize its impact on your career and workplace habits.

Incorporate the Hits

After taking in the areas in which you can improve, alter your business practices accordingly so that you can improve on a day-to-day basis.  Change rarely happens overnight, so begin the slow march toward major progress by adding the feedback to your goals right away.  Not only will you see a difference over time, but the party providing the critique will take notice as well.

Review Your Progress

Finally, treat your own professional development like any other office project by reviewing your growth using the original review.  Take a look at the major takeaways from the last meeting and evaluate how they have been introduced into practice.  As the process comes full-circle prior to the next assessment, you will be able to point to outside perception from the appropriate stakeholders as a main driver for career evolution.

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