My Year in Review

December 1, 2012 by Lynn Faughey

I’ve noticed that many of the TV networks are doing their “Year in Review” already.  Unfortunately, as they count down the top news of 2012, the majority of the stories are sad, tragic and awful.  Perhaps that’s what it takes to make the highlight reel.  Seeing a couple of these in the last week, and with the latest and most awful tragedy in Connecticut still so fresh in all of our minds, I was inspired to put my own highlight reel of 2012 together.  What I choose to take away from the past twelve months is going to be happy, joyful and inspiring.  My journey into the New Year is going to be fueled by the blessings of the past year.  Below is a snippet, my top ten list ala David Letterman.  I hope that by sharing a little glimpse into the past year of my life you’ll be inspired to put your own top ten list together. 

Lynn’s 2012 Happy Highlights and Blessings:
10.  The continued success of the FlexPro Group and the wonderful people that I have the privilege of working with.
9.  The recognition that FlexPro has received from being one of the top companies in the Inc. 500 and Philadelphia 100 lists of the fastest growing private companies.
8.  The unexpected opportunities I’ve had this past year to travel to places I’ve never been before.  The world is a beautiful place and I’ve enjoyed seeing a little bit more of it.
7.  Being able to work every day with not just my twin sister, but my best friend, Rose.
6.  My dear friends and family, near and far, that continue to make me smile and laugh, especially during the times I need it the most.
5.  At my daughter’s urging, the hosting of an exchange student from Spain. Lucia has become more than just a visitor in our home, she is part of our family.                                                                                                     
4.  The bittersweet departure of my son Nick, to college.  As much as I miss him, I’m so proud of the young man he’s become.  I know that his future will be bright and filled with success.
3.  My beautiful daughter Kimmy, who is almost halfway through her senior year in high school.  With her recent college acceptance letter in hand, I know she’s going to set the world on fire in whatever she chooses to do.
2.  My husband Mike, who continues to support and inspire me to challenge myself every day.
1.  My family. I’m so lucky to be able to say that we’re all healthy and happy. In 2012 and every single day, there are no others in the world I would rather be with.  Because of you I know what really matters in life.  

Sappy as it may be, THIS is what I’m taking into 2013.  Just thinking about the people in my life and all of the experiences we’ve shared in the past year, I can’t help but smile.  Here’s to all of you. May 2013 be filled with good health, much happiness and wonderful memories.  

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