National Sisters’ Day: How Two Women Are Redefining the Workplace

August 5, 2015 by FlexPro

FlexPro_Headshots_300x300_Color_0017_Rose CookHave you ever thought about starting a business with your best friends? How about your classmates or former colleagues around the office?  Kicking around ideas with coworkers or others in your life can be the first stride toward a new future filled with fresh challenges and outstanding accomplishment.

But let’s raise the stakes a little, turning that initial step into a giant leap.  In 2008, twin sisters Rose Cook and Lynn Faughey turned to each other when looking for support in an effort to break free from the confines of a traditional working arrangement.  With the passing of National Sisters’ Day in early August, we celebrate the founding of The FlexPro Group by recognizing the importance of family in business.

Going all-in on a business venture with a friend is risky, often ending in failure, financial loss, and a strained relationship.  For Rose, Lynn, and the FlexPro Group, the risk factor of involving family would seem to be at its highest point.  However, a unique working relationship and a family-centric company culture keep the two women linked in a way that has allowed FlexPro to flourish on its way to numerous awards and a strong ranking in the Inc. 500.

FlexPro_Headshots_300x300_Color_0016_Lynn Faughey

Forged from personal frustrations of missing important family moments and the need to enjoy life beyond the walls of the office, Cook and Faughey started FlexPro as nearly a 50-50 partnership in 2008.  The pair split the responsibilities of business development and internal operation, all while utilizing Lynn as the firm’s first consultant.  Flash forward seven years and the company has spread its ideals to countless others, helping consultants find the right fit while maintaining a desirable work-life balance.

Both women have cited an unspoken family connection that keeps them on the same page, even joking that a twin-sister bond provides them with an unfair advantage in a competitive project management market.  And while there may be truth to the science behind the understanding of those whom with you are most familiar, the sisters exercise best practices in communication that are common key ingredients for corporate success.  This week, we take a look at what it takes to run a successful business with family through the eyes of two sisters living their dream together:


Consulting partners on important decisions is a crucial check on corporate power and a great way to obtain omniscience in vital situations.  But on the other side of the coin are the smaller matters that, when combined,
can make or break a firm in a competitive field.  Cook and Faughey emphasize the need to trust one another to make the right call on a day-to-day basis within the realm of their respective roles without having to discuss the most infinitesimal details.  Armed with the belief that their counterpart could make an effective decision holding any title within FlexPro, the sisters act with more confidence.

Respect in all Endeavors

Whether it’s the corporate structure or daily communication, respect between the two leaders remains among the most important factors when navigating a complex business situation.  Rose may have the final decision on major matters, but the sisters are co-founders, establishing a mutual respect for ambition and serving as a constant reminder that they made the leap together.

Formal Brainstorming

It may happen out at lunch or down at the beach, but the FlexPro decision-makers keep the business hats on in situations where it may be alright to relax a little.  Formalized idea sessions, retreats, and record-keeping top the list of ways to continue to improve the company and adapt to the times.  With the bonus of growing up together and understanding the best ways to communicate, Rose and Lynn are able to add structure to their conversations and push The FlexPro Group forward.

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