New Year, New You?

January 28, 2015 by Lynn Faughey

NewYearHere we are, already at the end of January. So how are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re like the majority of people who make resolutions each year, chances are you’ve already thrown in the towel! As we begin each new year we envision a clean slate and an opportunity to become the new and improved version of ourselves. This is the year to lose those extra pounds, join a gym, eat healthier, save more money or some other wonderful idea that we’ll end up quickly losing focus of because, well, just because. While most of us start out full of good intentions, I think deep down we also know these brilliant and worthy things we’re resolving to do will be short lived. Just like staying up and watching the ball drop on Times Square at midnight, it’s all simply part of the New Year’s tradition.

Life at my house has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. With both of my kids now in college and away a good portion of the time, the home dynamic has been greatly altered. My husband or I no longer have to rush home to have dinner ready so my daughter can make it to dance class or my son to baseball. There’s no school events or recitals to attend, no chaos of their friends coming and going – and while I actually miss all of that, the thing that has changed the most is that there is more time for me! It’s been fun being able to sit down and read a book without having to run out to pick up one of the kids from work. I’ve enjoyed being able to do a spinning class and not have to schedule it around someone needing a car. It’s nice that my husband and I can make a spur of the moment decision to do a road trip to anywhere without worrying about the kids.

Maybe it’s the whole empty nest thing, but with all the extra time I have for myself – which I’m definitely enjoying – I’ve felt the need to do something more. Something that involves not just giving to myself but giving of myself. This year my New Year’s resolution isn’t to anything for me, but instead to volunteer to do something for others. I’m proud to be part of a company that believes in giving back to the community. FlexPro recently had a group of volunteers that participated in the Share food program. “SHARE promotes healthy living by providing affordable wholesome food to those willing to contribute through volunteerism.” It was a great day for us to be able to, as a group, make a difference in our community. And because we value and respect the causes that our employees support, each year FlexPro allows our employees to select the charity that they would like a donation made to, in their name. It’s important to FlexPro as a company to offer our support to worthwhile causes, so instead of Rose and I deciding where we’d like to donate, we let our employees decide. I love each year seeing all of the wonderful and deserving groups our employees choose to support.

In that spirit I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone and get involved in volunteering in 2015. There are so many opportunities out there for anyone willing to give just a little bit of their time. From reading to kids to Meal on Wheels, animal shelters to food banks – all of these groups depend on and survive because of the volunteers who give their time and effort. While at church one day and still undecided on what I wanted to do, I learned about an organization called The Well. “The Well” is a long-term aftercare and housing program focused on helping women and girls who have been sexually exploited and in some cases relocated far from home (trafficked). Talk about being out of my comfort zone. Hearing about what these girls, and in so many cases children, are enduring broke my heart. I’m currently going through The Well’s training course and am looking forward to becoming more integrated into the program and in helping these victims. This is my resolution for 2015. I will make a difference in someone’s life.

What I’ve realized this past month is that while making a New Year’s resolution to do something for myself feels good, making a resolution to do something for someone else feels GREAT! I highly recommend it! I’d love to hear more about the wonderful causes that you support. Happy New Year from FlexPro.

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