New Year, Same Successful Project Manager

January 14, 2016 by FlexPro

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Just a few weeks into the New Year, the pace at the office is back to its frenetic norm.  The first month is traditionally filled with the final stages of year-long planning, new hire integration, and even a little bit of catching up from lost time due to the extended holiday.

The start of 2016 is a busy one for all and can be incredibly productive for those who are prepared.  As we kick off a new year, we take a look at important keys to success as you continue to navigate the winter months:

Examine Your Commitments

While the calendar may have rolled over, many long-term projects continue marching forward at the steady pace established from day one.  Weeks off at the end of December can act as a refresher for team personnel, but also as a cause for delay when it comes to commitments made to project stakeholders.  The beginning of a new fiscal year is a perfect time to look over timelines, resources, and project plans in order to reaffirm needs and completion dates.

Connecting with the Team

Over the course of a multi-year project, the team surrounding a lead PM can, and will, change frequently.  Whether you’re operating in a large company or just a small start-up, getting to know co-workers and expanding your network can be a great help now and in the future.  A team that gels over project plans is often more communicative and open, allowing for healthy discussion and clear expectations. And with the Hollywood Model bringing together subject matter experts for one engagement, creating relationships across many departments will likely prove to be useful on upcoming assignments.

Evaluate Personal Goals

A fresh New Year’s Resolution every twelve months may sound cliché, but finding a way to push toward personal goals is certainly time well spent.  As we embark on the journey 2016 will bring, take a moment to reflect on desired professional and personal destinations to ensure you are moving forward.  Set attainable objectives for the year and strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  From all of us at The FlexPro Group, we wish you a happy, healthy, successful, and balanced New Year!


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