With over 40 years’ combined experience in the Life Sciences professions, identical twins Rose Cook and Lynn Faughey discovered an opportunity to connect highly skilled professionals with family-friendly careers. From their own experiences, The FlexPro Group was born, providing FLEXible career opportunities for passionate, seasoned PROfessionals.

| The Story... in our words |

Lynn Faughey

“I never wanted to give up my career, but after having my second child I decided something had to change. I negotiated a job-share arrangement in which my partner and I each worked 20 hours a week, and I found myself getting promoted to Engineering Manager even as my family life became more rewarding. Throughout my career, I strove for work-life harmony, and eventually found the right balance: a consulting company that not only lets me keep a flexible schedule, but promotes a balanced lifestyle for others.”

Rose Cook

“After watching Lynn’s early struggles with work-life balance, I negotiated a flexible work arrangement to accommodate my growing family. I progressed, got promoted, and moved into managerial roles. Once the kids were in school, I was promoted to Director where my schedule was more stressful than ever, and I missed spending quality time with my family. People said I was crazy when I voluntarily stepped off the career track to start FlexPro, but I knew it was right for me. My work and life are in harmony again, and I feel tremendous satisfaction in helping others get to this place too.”

Every other Friday, our project managers share a short video that gives solutions to common problems in the life science industry with real-world examples from our experiences.
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