Project Management 101: Communication Structure

December 19, 2019 by FlexPro

Have you ever stopped to look around at the rapidly-advancing life sciences industry?  Brilliant minds and new technology continue to churn out innovative treatments, products, and programs that positively impact the lives of patients.  With an eye on attacking major illnesses, the future is brighter than it’s ever been for the science behind medical care.

When a breakthrough is made in the lab and a positive result is confirmed, a vision of its future application is naturally among the first thought that come to mind.  However, the reality of the process it takes for that scientific win to reach the market can be a harsh one, as a long road awaits.

With the long-term goal of eventually delivering a safe and effective advancement to consumers, we believe that the most effective tool from start to finish is strong project management.  Whether you are an enthusiastic startup with success in your first trials or a larger firm adapting to changing regulations, the infrastructure must be sound to ensure on-time and on-budget success.

This week, we identify and define the basic technology requirements of project management as they relate to building the framework to support drug development and commercialization.  While somewhat simple, these pieces lay the foundation for communication, collaboration, and organization that remain critical on a daily basis.

How Will We Communicate?

Calls, texts, personal email – they’re all effective in their own way, but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to convenience and record-keeping.  It’s important to establish a plan that aligns with your business strategy and goals.  Assigning company emails, centralized business phone, and file storage in a protected environment all make a positive impact on productivity.  Additionally, teleconference technology and screen-sharing applications maximize the ability to connect.

How Will We Collaborate?

The modern workplace has been cloud and server-friendly for over a decade and has become the preferred option for collaboration.  In bringing a product to market, submissions and filings are often key deliverables and require input for multiple functional areas.  What better a way to collaborate than to use a living, breathing document that is both secure and tracks revision history?  There are many user-friendly, affordable options on the market along with server extensions tied to popular technology.  Simple is good – simple and secure is better!

How Does It Come Together?

Incorporating each technological piece into a business strategy comes down to the team members that make the machine go.  Application is maximized through frequent and organized team meetings that report on upcoming milestones and long-term goals.  Consistent gatherings ensure that everyone is on the same page, deliverables remain on schedule, risks are assessed and mitigated, and each member leaves with clear direction and action items.  Together, technology and project management can take your vision from innovative idea to finished product.

The FlexPro Group is a project management consulting firm, specializing in the Life Sciences industry since 2008. FlexPro combines industry-certified experts with proven project management processes and subject matter expertise to deliver results on-time and on-budget. Our focus areas include Product Development & Commercialization, Supply Chain Optimization, Integration Management, and Early-Stage Acceleration. Contact FlexPro today to learn more!


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