PM Anywhere™, FlexPro’s Virtual Project Management Program, Expands to New Regions

August 20, 2020 by FlexPro

During COVID-19, FlexPro’s PM Anywhere™ virtual project management program has allowed many life sciences companies to continue working smoothly and productively during the pandemic. When these organizations were suddenly forced to go virtual, they made a smart choice by selecting PM Anywhere™.

Good news: This team collaboration platform is now available in additional Life Sciences regions, including Massachusetts, California, and North Carolina. If your company is within one of these regions, please contact FlexPro now to discuss your needs.

FlexPro is proud to continue partnering with teams in Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and beyond while expanding efforts to improve patient care. PM Anywhere™ enables the FlexPro team to engage with new industry leaders and emerging companies while leveraging modern technology and business practices.

PM Anywhere™ offers:

  • Virtual team meetings
  • Virtual collaboration and support
  • Project plans
  • Partner management
  • Performance reporting
  • Risk management
  • Compliance activities

PM Anywhere™ delivers project management expertise to our Life Sciences clients across the nation by leading cross-functional teams, developing project plans, tracking team performance, managing external partners, and creating a culture of transparency and compliance for its clients.  Emphasizing the ability to adapt to the unique needs of its partners, FlexPro focuses on making virtual teams feel as seamless as the traditional workplace.

With the new regions recently added to the PM Anywhere™ program, FlexPro is expanding its service area while still maintaining the same high level of service for existing clients. To learn more about FlexPro and PM Anywhere™, please visit

We invite you to add this functionality to your life sciences team and start collaborating seamlessly and globally over multiple time zones. Contact FlexPro today to discover how PM Anywhere™ helps you serve your mission in this time of crisis.

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