Tech transfers are urgently required for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s why we’ve created a guide to give you an overview of the six key steps needed to conduct an efficient tech transfer.

Since 2008, the FlexPro Group has managed tech transfers for some of the top 10 pharma companies.

When you download our latest whitepaper, Guide to a Successful Drug Development Tech Transferyou’ll learn:


  • Why project management is essential during tech transfers
  • How to create a tech transfer plan
  • Laying out a plan at the receiving site
  • Doing comparability reporting and risk assessment
  • Conducting a test transfer and issuing master batch records
  • Training concerns
  • Issuing the final tech transfer report and validating the process
  • Case studies that show real-world tech transfer success


As a bonus resource, you’ll also receive the FlexPro TTX Framework, our focused approach to tech transfer excellence to guide you from launch to validation. 

The priority of tech transfers has never been greater and requires a high level of expertise. We want to help you implement with confidence because the world depends on it. 

Contact us today to discover how our expert project managers can help implement your tech transfer. 

“Tech Transfers may be critical to beating COVID-19”– McKinsey & Company

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