The Apprentice Leadership Program

August 13, 2021 by Rose Cook

I find it admirable (and frankly, inspiring!) when recent college graduates have a passion for their career path. You know the type – hungry, humble, and people smart. These entry-level professionals are rare to find and even rarer to have ready to go on day 1 supporting your team.

When FlexPro joined Network Partners three months ago, I was introduced to the Apprentice Leadership Program; a program applying to both Regulatory Affairs and Packaging Engineering. Network Partners explained how through the program, these hand-picked entry-level professionals complete a focused 400-hour boot-camp style training that gives them the strong foundational knowledge needed to enter the life sciences space.

We are now pleased to extend these same entry-level Packaging Engineering Apprentices and Regulatory Affairs Associates to support your new and ongoing projects, complementing your team along the way. All apprentices are supported by our SMEs, mentoring and guiding them throughout their time with clients. Access to top performing entry-level professionals with strong foundational industry knowledge is an uncommon combination!

Read more about the 5 Benefits of an Apprentice:

Schedule a 15 minute call with Raquel today to discuss your needs in these areas and let’s move time-consuming projects off your plate and into the finished pile.

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