The Summer Recharge: Making the Most of Your Vacation

August 19, 2015 by FlexPro

With summer drawing to a close and school nearly back in session, many families are heading out for the last hurrah of seasonal freedom.  Whether it’s the beach, a family road trip, or a scenic tour overseas, working parents and students alike are making the final weeks of sunshine count before the fall routine is upon us.

As the American workplace becomes increasingly virtual for full-time employees, it can be hard to escape the buzzing iPhone when out of the office on vacation.  While normal day-to-day electronic accessibility can allow for professionals to conduct business from anywhere, it can end up infringing upon the time set aside specifically for vacation.  Call it the ultimate ‘catch-22’ of modern corporate convenience.

If you’re listening to the email tone on your smartphone clash with your ‘out of office’ message while overlooking the ocean, it can be difficult to put work out of mind, even for a few moments.  Think back over the past year and remember how common a phrase like ‘call or text if an urgent issue arises’ accompanies a coworker’s auto-response when they’re away.

In the age of constant connectivity, it remains possible to make the most of vacation, even if work is still on the mind.  This week, we’ll take a look at a few ways to recharge and have you ready to conquer the rigors of the fall.

Evaluate Your Work/Life Balance

Every vacationer is familiar with the dread that wells up during the last day of scheduled time off.  The sinking feeling that you must return to the routine, both personal and professional, can even erase the ease of getting away and ruin your recharge.  However, such a disparity in situational well-being can also be an indicator of a poor work/life balance.  A constant need to get away highlights a lack of enjoyment in the normal day-to-day journey through professional life.  Utilize your relaxation to ensure that the drop-off from vacation to regularity isn’t too severe and that you have a strong sense of balance between your personal time and career.

Take Stock of Your Career Goals

While you’re watching the clouds roll by or the waves crash at the beach, it may also help to look at your career through a refreshed lens.  Asking key questions about job fulfillment, achieving long-term goals, and reviewing your life plan while not immersed in daily turmoil can provide an exceptional level of clarity.  Outside the confines of your workplace or home office, it is often easier to think about the big picture and remember what you set out to accomplish.

Enjoy Family Time

Remember that there is more to life than the pressing issues of the work week.  The chief motive of many full-time employees or working parents is to provide for their loved ones and secure their family’s future.  When you’re not grinding away trying to maintain stability, remember to celebrate the time you spend with those around you and value their company.  Vacation is often earned though dedication to projects, coworkers, and a company mission – be sure to make the most of it!

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