Welcome to the Team: Consultants Making the Difference

August 12, 2015 by FlexPro

consultantNo matter the level of experience within the realm of project management, you know the rigors of a long-term plan have enough peaks and valleys to wear out even the most committed individuals.  Project teams are composed of nearly every imaginable personality, ranging from the fiery Type A looking for a leading role to the diminutive grinder that can be counted on to meet challenging deadlines.  If you’ve spent time in an industry that requires a team approach, chances are you’ve been locked in a room for hours debating all issues, no matter how major or minute.

For those dialed into the same project for months or years at a time, check-in meetings, brainstorming, and overall morale can get a little stale with each passing day.  Dates may be drifting further to the right and every setback can begin to feel like a hurdle standing higher than the last.  In the past, the doldrums of meeting long-term goals could take its toll on the ambition of a project management professional at the very least, and threaten the quality of the final product in the worst-case scenario.

But as the landscape of the American workplace continues to shift away from the traditional, static ‘9 to 5’ arrangement, consultants are beginning to answer the SOS from project teams that are adrift among a sea of deadlines.  Outside aid is becoming increasingly popular, integrating external solutions with the company experience provided by full-time employees.

Though they have the best interests of the client at the heart of their decision-making process, some consultants are met with resistance when joining a project team.  However, these differences and lack of familiarity should be celebrated, ultimately leading to the best collaborative solutions.  This week, we take a look a few important qualities a project management consultant can add to your project team:


Mentioned above, one of the most challenging aspects of serving on a long-term project team is maintaining the same level of excitement and enthusiasm from start to finish.  Days when deadlines aren’t met or reviews don’t go as planned will arise for even the most seasoned groups.  Adding new energy in the form of an outside consultant can liven the day-to-day operations and add some diversity to a staff normally seen everywhere around the office.  The laser focus from hired help can be contagious, reigniting the passion on even the most mundane facets of a given project.

A Steady Hand

In an industry where any issue imaginable can rear its head to derail a project timeline, all team members can benefit from having the widest array of experiences at their disposal.  Adding a PM consultant to your team brings the expertise to navigate some of the wilder, more complex problems that inevitably occur somewhere along the way.  A project timeline very rarely goes according to the plan set at the start, making a calming and knowledgeable presence a crucial part of the team.

Creative Solutions

The same experience that accompanies the arrival of a consultant can be the difference in pushing solutions to the next level.  While exact replicas from previous engagements are often unobtainable, the core concepts and ideas that have improved project outlook and overall operation elsewhere remain in the toolbox of an outsider brought in to assist the team already in place.  Consultants have carved a niche in the corporate world due to their effectiveness and remain there because of the tangible benefits they provide.  No addition is larger than a fresh perspective from a creative mind.

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